thinking bout you~~
oh the things i miss about us

you were in my dreams

i was so happy and sad at the same time

  • I make her feel like shit
  • I don't know what to say
  • I never do
  • I just feel like shit to

please excuses my poor acting lol

Life update

  • Midterms are done and I'm doing well in all my classes, except for math : ( I really can't fail that class ugggg
  • I miss my fam lots, also this cold weather still sucks but its getting better
  • I'm starting to look older? Idk if that's a good or bad thing Hahaha
  • I feel stressed but at the same time care free.... its a weird feeling
  • Oh also had my first cig for a music video hahaha that was so weird, it also made me look like a girl beating drunk that commits suicide soooo CD
  • I can never complain ever, just little things, I'm so blessed and loved, just trying to share my blessing and show/give love to others
  • : )
  • I still daydream about us and it brings a smile to my face, I hope it happens to you also
paint on my walllll uggg

paint on my walllll uggg